Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Crier Wire: If George Were King!

Catherine Crier has some really good monologues at the end of her show and this was one of them. She takes a look at Bush's abuse of power. Download (3945) Play (3533)
Crier: In the last six years this President has assumed more power than any President in history… How about the other matters in the King's court… Former WH counsel Harriet Miers would now be a Supreme Court justice. Michael Brown would still be head of FEMA because as you know he did a " heckofajob." Donald RUmsfeld would still be Secretary of Defense because of his marvelous handling of the Iraq war. And former gay prostittute Jeff Gannon, a mysterious member of the WH press corp. might now be sitting in Helen Thomas's seat…

She uses some really good video clips of Bush to make her point—and that includes the press…She covers the Attorney scandal and goofs on Rove.

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