Saturday, February 23, 2008

McCain’s Placement on Indiana Ballot Challenged

Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars: I received this from an emailer:

This afternoon, Thomas Cook, a voter in Bloomington, Indiana, filed a complaint with the Indiana Election Commission challenging John McCain’s place on the ballot for the May 6 primary. If this complaint is successful, McCain WILL NOT be on the ballot in Indiana on May 6.

According to Indiana law, a presidential candidate can only get on the ballot if he or she collects 500 signatures in each Congressional District. Even though the incumbent Governor (who is up for reelection) is McCain’s Indiana state chair, McCain fell 9 signatures short in the 4th Congressional district — the most Republican district in one of the most Republican-leaning states in the country.

As astonishing as the McCain campaign’s incompetence may be, the audacity of its response is even worse. In order to avoid a major embarrassment, the McCain campaign did what Republicans typically do when confronted with their incompetence: they called in their cronies.

Despite the fact that the McCain campaign clearly failed to qualify for the ballot, Republican Attorney General Steve Carter and Republican Secretary of State Todd Rokita (who recently endorsed McCain) rubberstamped it anyway, trying to sneak McCain onto the ballot. Clearly, the Republican Culture of Corruption is alive and well within the McCain campaign.

UPDATE: Complaint available at link above. Thomas Cook blogged his story here.

LSB: Election corruption already? The GOP has all of their crooks in place early, it seems, in order to steal the election.

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