Saturday, April 05, 2008

DOJ investigates whether Goodling forced out gay attorney NPR reports that the Justice Department Inspector General is investigating whether Monica Goodling, a key administration figure in the U.S. Attorney scandal, dismissed a career DOJ attorney “because of rumors that she is a lesbian“:
Justice Department e-mails obtained by PR show that Gonzales’s senior counsel Monica Goodling had a particular interest in Hagen’s duties. A few months before Hagen was let go, according to one e-mail, oodling removed part of Hagen’s job portfolio — the part dealing with child exploitation and abuse.
DOJ officials “said they came away with the impression that the Attorney General’s office decided not to renew Leslie Hagen’s contract because of the talk about her sexual orientation,” despite her receiving strong performance reviews. (HT: TPM Muckraker)
LSB: Did Gonzo and his DoJ understand what "justice" meant?

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