Wednesday, July 07, 2010

BP won't use peat moss for clean-up because it can't resell the oil it soaks up

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Gaius Publius, From Robert Kennedy Jr, we learned that BP has huge economic dis-incentives to clean up the oil. Let's say that better — it has huge economic incentives to keep the seas dirty. That story is here.

Now, thanks to Keith Olbermann on Countdown, we learn that dehydrated peat moss is an excellent way to soak up oil:
[D]ehydrated peat moss [is] not only capable of soaking up crude, which does not leak out afterwards, but microbes inside the moss break down the oil as well.

But BP won't use this solution, which has been around for years:

The owner of the peat moss company [told the Toronto Globe and Mail that] BP has
informed him it cannot use peat moss because the oil giant would not then be able to retrieve the oil afterwards. And you may translate that as: the oil giant would not be able to sell the oil afterwards.

Money, folks. The beast wants only money.

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