Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cheney Gets a Raise

“President Bush signed an executive order Thursday to raise the pay of federal workers, members of Congress and Vice President Dick Cheney in the new year.” (The federal minimum wage — $5.15 an hour — hasn’t been raised since 1996.)

UPDATE: “Congress opted to put off its pay increases until Feb. 16, not Jan. 1, on the urging of the incoming Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. They say no pay raise should kick in until Congress approves an increase in the federal minimum wage.”

LSB: Cheney's 2005 IRS Tax Return shows the VP earned just over $8.8 MILLION on his investments (mostly Halliburton?), so he needed the raise; burger-flippers at McDonald's, meanwhile, can try to raise their families on the current federal minimum wage. Remind anyone of Marie Antoinette (or Leona Helmsley)?

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