Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lesbian mom-to-be Mary Cheney disses religious right leader James Dobson

Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary (shown on the left, ironically), former gay rights activist and professional homosexual and head of the vice president's re-election campaign, publicly declared today to an open panel discussion, and then in a personal interview with the New York Times (circulation 1.1 million), that her lesbian out-of-wedlock pregnancy is a private matter and it's none of anybody's busines. Apparently, irony isn't big in the Cheney family.

Mary then laid into the #1 religious right leader James Dobson, accusing him of distorting scientific research in order to slam gays.

The religous right has a real problem with Mary. She claims she doesn't want to get political, but she already has, and continues to do so. And in the end, she's daddy's little girl. And everyone knows that daddy is the real president of the United States. If the religious right is trying to figure out why their agenda has disappeared from the Republican agenda, they need go no further than Mary.

- by John in DC, AmericaBlog

LSB: Oh, the delicious irony!

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