Saturday, June 09, 2007

De-Authorize the War... Now!

From the Bill Richardson for President website:

Bill Richardson is the only major candidate pushing for immediate action to end this war and get all of our troops out.

Despite the fact that Congress recently passed a war spending bill that didn't include a timeline for withdrawal, I know that together we can convince them to end this war. I KNOW that you, the people, and the voters are with us. We are sick and tired of waiting for Bush to do the right thing and end this war. We need Congress to come through for us -- before they leave for the summer... If we wait for fall to do something more people will die and the situation in Iraq will only worsen...

Congress has approximately one month before they leave for the summer -- that is enough time to exercise their Constitutional authority and revoke the 2002 war authorization, stripping Bush of the legal authority to perpetuate this war. If Congress de-authorizes now, Bush would be compelled to bring troops home and we could have most of them out of Iraq this year. And de-authorization is veto-proof.

The time has passed for allowing this President to send more American soldiers to fight for his ill-conceived and incompetently-executed adventure.

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