Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DeLay: My Adultery Was "Different" Than Gingrich's

In [his] book, DeLay criticizes Gingrich for, among other things, conducting an affair with a Capitol Hill employee during the 1998 impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. (The woman later became Gingrich's third wife.)

"Yes, I don't think that Newt could set a high moral standard, a high moral tone, during that moment," DeLay said. "You can't do that if you're keeping secrets about your own adulterous affairs." He added that the impeachment trial was another of his "proudest moments."

The difference between his own adultery and Gingrich's, he said, "is that I was no longer committing adultery by that time, the impeachment trial. There's a big difference." He added, "Also, I had returned to Christ and repented my sins by that time."

LSB: That's quite a distinction, Hammer. You're splitting hairs a little too fine for me. For "allegedly" smart men, don't they see the shear hypocrisy?

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