Friday, December 21, 2007

Bloomberg And Hagel Holding Regular Calls

Sam Stein, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel have been conducting regular, private phone conversations over the past few months in an effort to "feel each other out" for a possible presidential run, sources have told the Huffington Post.

The development feeds speculation that the two men could mount a third-party White House ticket. And while the maverick Republican and the independent mayor have met in the past, the ongoing conversations provide the clearest indication yet that they are considering such a move. (more)

LSB: Good idea, or just the 2008 spoiler version of Ralph Nader? ("Welcome to the White House, President Guiliani.") Bloomberg could bankroll an entertaining campaign, and Hagel got my respect for his Johnny-come-lately war votes. The bottom line, however, is that these are two - albeit somewhat disenfranchised - Republicans who will most likely fill their cabinet with Republican minions fresh from GWB Charm School. What are their positions Iraq, health care reform, tax reform, the economy, the budget deficit and other important matters the next President will face? These men have not yet been thoroughly vetted by the national press, and we need to know more about them and what direction they would take the country. Remember the excited anticipation of Fred Thompson? After a few months of snoozing he is out of steam. That may not happen with these two, but until they declare their candidacy the thought of this pairing is nothing more than an intriguing idea.

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