Monday, December 10, 2007

No Press Secretary Left Behind

Jason Linkins, Like Dana Perino, I was seven years old during the Carter administration. And back then, I hardly had an encyclopedic knowledge of world history. Frankly, I don't now. But, I know a little bit, and one of the things I know is that if you were seven during the Carter administration, and are currently serving as White House Press Secretary, it should not be possible for you to tell the story Perino told on this weekend's episode of "Wait...Wait...Don't Tell Me" on NPR.

I had a situation the other day when they said President Putin said that our missile defense program was like the Cuban Missile Crisis. And so I got asked about the Cuban Missile Crisis and I was panicked a little bit because I really know nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis... I came home and I asked my husband... wasn't that like, the Bay Of Pigs thing? And he said, "Oh, Dana."

Rarely is it asked, "Is our press secretary learning?" Probably because we don't want to know the answer.

To hear Perino in the segment entitled "Not My Job," click here.

LSB: Is no one in the Bush Administration responsible for THE FACTS? I know the President and Vice President can't be bothered with THE FACTS, but I'm wondering who is responsible for THE FACTS. (BTW, favorite reader reply is from TAAN: "Folks, please remember that the Press Officer is merely the public end of a pipeline that originates in the Oval Office. They cannot say anything that contradicts the input or they will be busy updating their resumes pronto. If the P.O. seems a bit evasive, artificial or downright uninformed, remember they are paraphrasing input from the man in the 10 gallon hat with a 2 quart brain. For these hapless souls, garbage in, garbage out.")

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