Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drag Queens, Communists Take Over White House Christmas Tree This is what you get when one of those unpredictable, radical gay men is brought in to decorate the White House for Christmas! Hedda Lettuce and Chairman Mao adorning the Tree. The horror!

UPDATE: FOX News is already salivating over the "inclusive" tree:

LSB: LOL! Healthcare/Insurance reform... global warming... wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... high unemployment... and this is what has Rupert Murdock's panties in a bunch? Some kid in an after-school program deco paging a Christmas (or is it "holiday") ornament with a Chinese face s/he probably didn't even recognize... I'll admit I never gave Bush much slack, but even I know that fucker didn't decorate every tree in the White House, so let's give Obama the benefit of the doubt as well. Jeesh!

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