Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Embattled Cardinal Asks Ireland to ‘Pray for Me’

From the Left: During a homily on St. Patrick’s Day, Cardinal Sean Brady, the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland apologized for his role in the cover-up of the country’s worst pedophile priest, saying he felt “ashamed.” He also asked the congregation to “pray for me.”
Cardinal Sean Brady didn’t ask for prayers for the victims of the pedophile priest. He asked people to pray for him. Isn’t this all-too typical of the selfish, Catholic hierarchy?
Brady admitted that when he was a priest and a teacher in 1975, he was present at two meetings where two children said they had been sexually abused by the Rev. Brendan Smyth. Shockingly, the children were required to sign oaths of secrecy. Brady did not report the abuse, he said, because he did not feel it was his responsibility.
LSB: Full disclosure - I'm not Catholic. Catholic or not, however, this type of double standard exists throughout organized religion. Joe.My.God. frequently includes This Week in Holy Crimes in his blog.

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