Monday, March 22, 2010

Many are questioning Stupak right about now

Via John Amato at Crooks & Liars: Stupak caved
“It's really hard to interpret this as anything other than Stupak caving in order to end up on the side of supporting health reform. There's nothing wrong with that--Stupak has long been a supporter of reforming the health care system--but it's difficult to see why he dragged this out for months if he was going to settle for the Senate language in the end.”

Newsweek: Stupak did not get his original abortion restrictions
“Make no mistake, Stupak did not get the original abortion restrictions for which he had pushed."

Slate: Why did Stupak hold out for meaningless executive order?
“(E)ither because of blowback from pro-choicers* in Congress or because Stupak lost some leverage as the health reform bill acquired more votes, it was not. So a basically meaningless executive order was issued to help Stupak save face."

The New Republic: Executive order doesn’t change anything
“In fact, it's not clear that the executive order actually changes anything: The Senate bill wouldn't have allowed taxpayer funding of abortion anyway.”

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