Thursday, July 13, 2006

GOP Phone Jamming Company Alive and Well

GOP Marketplace was founded in 2000, with more than $250,000 in venture capital from Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (former RNCC Chairman) and other investors.

At the December 2005 trial of James Tobin, phone jamming co-conspirator Allen Raymond testified that his firm, GOP Marketplace, went out of business in 2003. But did GOP Marketplace really go out of business? After being implicated in two election crimes, and serving time in prison for one, was Allen Raymond forced to abandon his career as a teleservices broker for Republican campaigns?

Not exactly.

That is unless if by 'go out of business' you mean close down GOP Marketplace and reopen a seemingly identical operation under a different name.

Allen Raymond's current firm, Telus Communications, is GOP Marketplace's identical twin. GOP Marketplace & Telus are so similar, even Allen Raymond can't keep them straight. According to Telus' web site, the company "brokers outbound teleservices" for "government" and "political clientele".

Ed.: They'll be calling on a community near you just in time for the election!

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