Friday, July 14, 2006


Is it me, or has this been a strange week? Just consider:

Middle East crisis: round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows Oye! And this is in addition to the daily reports of death and destruction coming from Iraq and Afghanistan... the U.S. military is stretched thin and we've few friends... what is a superpower to do?

Newspaper Drops Coulter's Column When “Conservative Readers Felt That Their Views Were Being Misrepresented”... Even the conservatives are finally saying to this old horseface, 'You've gone to far!' I'm all for protecting Ann's First Amendment rights, but I will not support any outlet - newspaper, website, chat show or bookstore - that provides a platform for her hateful speech.

Sen. Russ Feingold: “New Orleans Looks Worse Off Than Banda Aceh Did A Year After The Tsunami”… This is a failure of government AT ALL LEVELS. I regularly point the finger of blame at Brother Bush (always with good reason), but this is not just a failure of leadership at the federal level - state and local governments are as much at fault for the continuing failures of rebuilding this city. There is enough blame to go around. So let's stop whining about who's fault it was and just rebuild this great little city!

Deputy Attorney General to Senate: “The President Is Always Right”... How does Bush-lite keep all his toadies towing the line? Does Shrub have pictures of ALL his people with underage male prostitutes? Is there an endless supply of "special Kool-Ade" at the White House? I know the Crawford ranch isn't that far from Waco, so is he channeling David Karesh? What am I missing that his supporters see in him? It has to be something more than 'he's not Bill Clinton.'

GOP congressman says Mexicans should be treated like "livestock" - electrocute them at the border and they won't come in How much electricity would it take to keep this asshole on the other side of the border? I say we test this electric fence with Rep. King! Let's see how much he wants to get back to the U.S. and what is the level of pain he's willing to take.

"Would Jesus discriminate?": Ads Suggest Gay Relationships Can Be Moral Jesus never said one word about homosexuality. Read the Gospels for yourself.

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