Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Return of the Draft

I wonder, if the country re-instated the draft–would so many Republicans (or any politician) be willing to throw this country into war? And, after going to war, how many of them would then tell us to just stay the course when their kids and their voters’ children were actually in the line of fire? It’s just a thought I had. – John Amato,

Ed.: Silly, John, there will be no return to the draft. Can you imagine the uproar in country if that happened? Those of us old enough to remember or to have served (or at least registered to serve) in Viet Nam know that there is nothing more divisive than an unpopular war that inserts U.S. troops in another country’s civil war. Do you really think baby boomer parents will allow a draft of their coddled princes? No, this war will continue to fought by young men and women who, for the most part: (a) are there to earn college benefits their parents cannot afford; or (b) don’t want to go to college and are looking for a career without an “apparent” glass ceiling for those without a college degree. While I somehow wouldn’t discount the chutzpah of the chicken hawks sitting inside the Oval Office to float the idea of a draft, the spineless politicians in Congress (on both sides of the aisle) will not give up feeding at the publicly-funded trough by voting for a military draft. Ain’t gonna happen!

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