Saturday, May 12, 2007

Governor Bill Richardson's New Ad

LSB: He may not be a household name, but Gov. Richardson's impressive résumé clearly (I think) makes him a standout from the all of others in the race - on each ticket. His list of accomplishments surpasses the rather short list of Obama's accomplishments; he's definitely not the lightning rod that Hilary Clinton is, nor does he carry the baggage of the Clinton name (and does anyone want 4 more years of Hilary bashing and partisan bickering?); and is there anyone on the GOP slate that isn't flip-flopping over their prior votes/pronouncments on gay rights or abortion, spinning away their own prior marriage infidelities, or trying to come up with a strategy for the Iraq war that doesn't "signal retreat to el Qada" in order to kiss the collective asses of the Religious Right, Neocons and current administration?

Richardson's experience in national service and as CEO of a state bureaucracy give him the "street creds" to lead this nation. While the others are talking tough but waffling at the same time, he is the only Democrat in the Presidential field that is taking a strong position for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq:

"Our military has performed admirably, but it has done all it can do in Iraq. It is time for us to leave - carefully, strategically and soon. Iraq's crisis today is political, not military. It will have a political, not a military solution."

That alone makes him a man of convictions to be admired. And he has the negotiating experience to back up the talk. Plus, after eight years of that stick-in-the-mud, Dick "Mr. Hilarity" Cheney, we need someone with some sort of sense of humor. Please check him out!

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