Monday, May 21, 2007

Iraq a "big moneymaker" for al-Qaida, says CIA

From the Los Angeles Times:

Little more than a year ago, al-Qaida's core command was thought to be in a financial crunch. But U.S. officials said cash shipped from Iraq has eased those troubles.

"Iraq is a big moneymaker for them," a senior U.S. counterterrorism official said.

This war is helping Al Qaeda. George Bush is helping Al Qaeda. And every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, who continues to support this war is helping Al Qaeda. We already knew this - the CIA determined a long time ago that Iraq had become the newest and best training ground for Al Qaeda in the world, but now we discover that the Iraq war has also replenished Al Qaeda's faltering finances.

The Republicans have quite literally enabled Al Qaeda so that they are better able to kill our troops, and our civilians, in Iraq, Afghanistan and at home. When is the Republican noise machine going to start defending America instead of defending their failed president?

- John Aravosis (DC),

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