Sunday, September 07, 2008

From the Left: Miscellania

Prediction Markets Bet Sarah Palin Will Withdraw. The Intrade prediction market opened today trading on whether “Sarah Palin will be withdrawn as Republican VP nominee before 2008 presidential election.” At 8:55AM, Tuesday morning, the market is selling the prediction at 18 a share and rising. That means 18 percent of traders think Palin will be removed.
Intrade predicted Joe Biden would be Barack Obama’s running mate in August and its traders were also correct about every Senate race in 2006. It fell flat in predicting a Democratic majority.
Check back throughout the day for updates on Palin’s trading numbers.
Click here for Sarah Palin’s trading chart.
As Mayor, Sarah Palin Tried to Ban Library Books. According to GOP mythology, John McCain’s decision to select Sarah Palin to be his running mate was because Palin is a tough, reform-minded person, willing to break with the Republican party for the right cause. Would one of those causes be banning library books?
According to a revealing article about Sarah Palin in TIME, Inc:
“As mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. She asked the library how she could go about banning books.”
Palin said some voters thought they [the library books] had inappropriate language in them.
“The librarian was aghast.”
When the librarian refused, Palin threatened to fire the librarian.
Sarah Palin, flushed with the power that comes from being the mayor of a tiny town of 6,500, forgot all about the First Amendment.

Did Palin have an Affair with Her Husband’s Business Partner? Did Sarah Palin have an affair with her husband’s business partner? That’s what the National Enquirer team has apparently unearthed in their investigative work in Alaska. The tabloid recently dispatched the same team to Alaska who unearthed the sordid details of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter affair earlier this summer.
The McCain campaign is so worried about the possible disclosure of an affair between his Christian conservative, vice presidential running mate, Gov. Sarah “McCandy” Palin and her husband’s business partner, becoming public that McCain is threatening legal action to prevent the tabloid from publishing their findings.
Sarah Palin Was a College Hopper. In America, most people attend and graduate from one college. The exception is beginning at a two-year college and then transferring to university. The latter option can be a smart economic alternative to four years at a university.
But according to the Los Angeles Times, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, inexplicably attended five colleges in six years before finally graduating in 1987.
The schools included: Hawaii Pacific University, North Idaho College, the University of Idaho, Matanuska-Susitna College and then University of Idaho again.
Due to Federal privacy laws prohibit the schools from disclosing her grades, none of the schools contacted by the Associated Press could say why she transferred. Even stranger, there was no indication any were contacted as part of the vetting process of Palin by presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign.

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