Saturday, September 13, 2008

The McCain campaign and the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty

SilentPatriot, Crooks and Liars: recently received the following email from the McCain campaign, titled “Shameful Attacks”:
You’ve surely seen the shameful attacks Senator Obama and his liberal allies have launched against our vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin.
Even before our national convention, the Obama campaign dispatched what The Wall Street Journal called a “mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers” to Alaska to dig up dirt for their personal attacks on Governor Palin and her family. has called the attacks on Governor Palin, “completely false” and “misleading.” However, the Obama Democrats continue to launch these attacks, hoping you’ll never find out the truth.
These misleading, offensive attacks must be stopped. was on Hardball this week, and in a very non-partisan manner debunked McCain’s claims. [Click the pic for the vid.]
From a man who just recently approved the most misleading and sleazy attack ad of the entire political season. Second, the very same website that John McCain cites in his email has a new post up today saying that McCain’s attack ad is distorted their finding.
For McCain to say that “these misleading, offensive attacks must be stopped” is downright ridiculous. But then again, it’s becoming clearer every day that McCain’s strategy consists of lying and lying, hoping that the media and fact-checkers can’t keep up. It’s gonna be a long, tedious two months. Buckle your seat belts.

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