Sunday, October 11, 2009

Politician Wants .Gay Domains

Neal Broverman, The Advocate: Daniel O'Donnell, a gay New York State assembly member, wants online cruising to be a bit gayer.

Specifically, O'Donnell (brother of Rosie), wants .gay to be a valid domain like .com and .gov. A group called the Dot Gay Alliance has proposed the .gay domain as a way of creating a place on the Internet exclusive to LGBT audiences. The Alliance plans to use at least 51% of its profits for LGBT philanthropic causes. O'Donnell wrote a letter on Friday to the entity responsible for the creation of new web domains.

"I write to convey my enthusiastic support for the application of the Dot Gay alliance to secure, create, and operate the .gay top-level domain.I belive that the most successful new domain names will be those that have strong support from their community and that will link people, businesses, and organizations with a common affinity. I belive that the .gay [top-level domain], as conceived and proposed by the Dot Gay Alliance, represents the best interests of the LGBT community and will provide a viable structure for our community's online presence. The Alliance's plan to use more than half of the proceeds from the sale of .gay domains for philanthropic purposes should be lauded.

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