Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Repercussions face Snowe if she votes with Dems. But, no consequences for Dems. who undermine Obama health insurance reform agenda.

Check out Adam Green's diary at DailyKos, titled "Weak = Senate Dem Leaders."

Here's the gist: If Olympia Snowe votes for health insurance reform, her GOP colleagues will punish her by taking away her seniority on a key committee. On the flip side, if Democrats vote against the top priority of their party and their president, there are no repercussions. None. And, that includes Joe Lieberman who campaigned against Obama but still has a chairmanship. He won't rule out supporting the GOP filibuster of reform. Let's not forget, Lieberman was kept his position thanks, in part, to Obama. That turning the other cheek doesn't work so well on Capitol Hill.

Of course, in a article, "Dem Leaders brush off the left," we get a quote from another unnamed Senate Democratic aide, dismissing accountability and trashing the activists:

"This is a silly and unnecessary distraction that is not going to happen — period," added a Senate Democratic leadership aide.
Silly activists. Imagine expecting Democrats to be Democrats. We just all need to shut up and just do all the election work to make sure all the Democratic Senate aides get to keep their jobs.

Keep in mind, all we're asking is that Democrats deliver on the campaign promises made by Democrats.

LSB: Of course, Snowe did vote with the Dems, so it remains to be seen if Reps follow-through on the threat. If so, that says a lot about Snowe and it says a lot about both parties as Joe points out above.

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