Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Shot at Hypocrisy

Kenneth in the 212: It's funny how this works. When some bad apples in an organization that helps minorities get caught on hidden camera doing unsavory things, the Grand Old Party makes such a HUGE stink that the Dems immediately abandon ACORN altogether, cutting off funding and shunning the group, which is known to have done outstanding work the underprivileged for years. But when hidden cameras revealed that 40 private investigators hired by New York City -- where people are being killed by illegal guns on the street every day -- easily bought firearms at gun shows in Tennessee, Nevada and Ohio despite the buyers telling the sellers they couldn't pass mandated background checks, the reaction from the right is that it's nothing but a "publicity stunt" and that gun-control advocates should "stay the heck out" of our state. You know if this were the other way around, the spineless Democrats would have severed all ties to the NRA by now, while the Repubs say the actual problem is Mayor Bloomberg's penchant for "grandstanding." Note to Rep. Zach Wamp, who clearly does not understand the Second Amendment but waves it around like a Tennessee rifle: How about you keep your guns out of our city, and our mayor will stay out of your business?

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