Saturday, March 22, 2008

Did Bill Clinton "repent" about Monica to Obama's Rev. Wright?

John Aravosis (DC), So the latest news is that Clinton wasn't just photographed at a White House meal with Obama's pastor, Reverend Wright. Clinton actually may have "repented" to Wright and the assembled clergy about his affair with Monica.

The Clintons are now saying that literally tens of thousands of people got their photos snapped with Bill Clinton. True, but we're all aware that the Clinton White House was hardly cavalier about invitations. An invitation to their White House was a favor doled out to special people (Lincoln Bedroom, anyone?). And in any case, of those tens of thousands of photos, how many of those people actually got invited to a formal meal with the president at the White House? I've been in DC for 20 years and never got invited to dine at the White House. You have to be fully vetted, and placed on the special suck-up list, for something like that. The Clinton campaign is now calling it "pathetic" that this photo has come to light. I'd say. After the Clinton campaign peddled the Rev. Wright story for weeks, now we find out that Bill Clinton himself invited Wright to dine at the White House. Yeah, saying anything to win is definitely pretty pathetic.

And in any case, would the Clintons now have us believe that each and every one of those tens of thousands of photos included a personal "repentance" from Bill Clinton over the Monica scandal?

Hillary was there, so who's the guy sitting next to her? If it is Wright, it's kind of hard to imagine that they'd sit an "America hater" next to the woman who singlehandedly brought peace to Northern Ireland. You don't put random people next to the First Lady. And you REALLY don't put just anybody next to the First Lady during a speech in which you know that Bill Clinton is going to talk about Monica. This had to be a horrible scene for Hillary - you had better believe that the man sitting next to Hillary was vetted to the moon and back. He was chosen as the best man in the room. So who was he? Sure looks like Rev. Wright. More from the NYT. (Full disclosure, I lightened the photo with Hillary so as to make Wright's facial features more visible, for comparison sake.)

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