Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will this be the week when Senator Vitter and Senator Craig resign?

Chris in Paris, You know, the men who were caught cheating on their wives that have long been forgotten. Spitzer was wrong, but weren't they as well? Why are both still in office while Spitzer has resigned? I'm still trying to figure out how it is that Spitzer resigned within days, yet Larry Craig and David Vitter are still in office. The GOP was rolling on the floor laughing this week when Spitzer went down, but I'm almost surprised that Fox didn't interview Newt Gingrinch, Vitter or Craig and have them tell us about the evils of sex outside of marriage and how it's destroying America much the way the media has used Bill Bennett when they are seeking moral guidance on one issue or another. It's a tricky game to understand who is supposed to resign in disgrace when you see this.

Meanwhile, while Wall Street and the GOP were all laughing, Americans shoveled $200 billion to Wall Street all based on a guarantee of $200 billion in subprime loans that nobody was ever going to buy. Funny, isn't it? Ha, ha, ha. Joke's on us.

LSB: Emphasis added is mine. LOL! Good one, Chris! Sadly, I'm sure if FAUZ New had thought of it, they would have put them on the air. Maybe the wives (and ex-wives) of these philanderers put their collective feet down and said something like, 'We won't stand up there on that podium a second time, assholes! We've been humiliated enough.'

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