Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wall Street borrowing billions from average Americans

Chris in Paris, What a fine bunch we have on Wall Street. They can afford to hand out massive bonus money hand over fist but look who is gobbling up money from American taxpayers. If they weren't showering so much money on themselves it would be one thing, but c'mon, this is ridiculous. How much is enough? How could they possibly afford to pay out so handsomely if times are so tough? Firms averaged $13.4 BILLION per day in loans by the government over the last week. $13.4 billion per day. Amazing.Most Americans would probably accept helping out to keep the American economy going but when they're increasingly struggling to make ends meet and then discover they're financing the high rolling lifestyles of Wall Street millionaires, the cause suddenly sounds much less compelling. Where are the sacrifices on Wall Street? Why do we again have a situation where regular people are getting stuck with all of the bad and none of the upside? What a system the Republicans have constructed. Good money, if you can get it.

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