Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hillary urging donors to blackmail DNC into stealing the election for her

John Aravosis (DC), I'm really getting sick of Hillary's crap. Fighting tough is welcome. Fighting dirty is not. I liked Hillary. Joe and I reached out to her campaign to help them two years ago. Now, I'm starting to wonder if even a small portion of the past vilification of the Clintons wasn't justified. I mean, urging your donors, for all intents and purposes, to blackmail the Democratic party? In essence, telling your donors that if you can't be the nominee then the Democrats should lose the election? (And that's exactly what's happening. Hillary wants the DNC to seat the delegates from the non-election that happened in Florida after the state willfully violated DNC rules, knowing full well what would happen if they did. Now Hillary wants all those delegates seated, from the non-election, so she can steal the election from Obama). Is it any wonder that 25% of Hillary's supporters say they won't support Obama in the general election? Hillary is the one telling them that they shouldn't support Obama, that they shouldn't support their own party. Howard Dean should tell Hillary Lieberman stop her crap, now, or resign from the Democratic party. Contrary to Her Majesty's thinking, there are other Democrats worthy of leading our country. Read more about Hillary's latest attempt to steal the election, from the NYT.

LSB: I have come to the conclusion, sadly, that if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for President in 2008 that this will be the first time in my life I will stay home from the voting booth. Although she was always my least favorite candidate, I felt that I could pull the lever for her over any Reublican candidate. I no longer feel that way. And even though I feel that this is setting a bad precident for my nieces and nephews (not voting), I reject that I have to vote for "the lessor of two evils." I'm tired of voting against someone; I want to vote for someone. So a message needs to be sent to the Democratic Party: don't count on me if your candidate isn't ethical and can't play by the rules - rules that they knew about and played by until those rules didn't benefit them.

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