Sunday, October 29, 2006

Karl Rove, military strategist

This may explain why the U.S. is in so much trouble in Iraq. Rove is dispensing military advice... well, to Rove and Bush the military is political:

Presidential advisor Karl Rove blasted Democrats on Friday for even suggesting the U.S. withdraw from Iraq, saying the U.S. can't leave one of the world's largest oil reserves in terrorist hands.However, Rove also said the military must be flexible in its tactics. He did not elaborate."More sacrifice is going to be required," Rove, President Bush's chief political strategist, told a ballroom full of Republicans at a fundraiser for Wisconsin candidates. "We will either create a world in which our children and our grandchildren have a hope of an optimistic future or we will leave to them a world with a hateful empire centered in the Middle East."

That sacrifice of which he speaks isn't coming from Republicans.

by John in DC, AmericaBlog

LSB: So it is about the oil, just as I thought all along. Several thoughts: first, let’s reduce our dependence on foreign oil by further developing alternate energy sources and expanding public transportation. Secondly, it’s a little late now for an optimistic future in the Middle East – our continued presence in the Middle East only increases the number of terrorists and their hatred of the U.S. Thank you, Karl, for your part in all of that. Maybe our best hope for an optimistic future in the Middle East is for the U.S. to get the fuck outta there and let them handle it. Various religious sects there have been fighting each other for centuries - who really thought we were gonna clean up that mess overnight? And third, when does this chicken hawk get a say in the military tactics? We have a couple of elected chicken hawks for that.

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