Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lynne Cheney's Anger Management Problem

Move over, Naomi. Step aside, Hillary. The new queen of mean is Lynne Cheney.

Today, in a face-off with Wolf Blitzer worthy of inclusion in the Gender Stereotypes Hall of Fame, the nation's second lady used exactly the kind of rhetoric that led Republicans to cast Senator Clinton as (in Maureen Dowd's summary) "an angry woman, a she-monster melding images of Medea, the Furies, harpies, and a knife-wielding Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction.'"

Mrs. Veep was bitter about John King's "Broken Government" special on CNN. "A terrible distortion!" she lectured. She was petulant when Wolf cited VPOTUS's recent kind words for waterboarding. "A complete distortion!" she fumed. She was pissed when Wolf cited sapphic soft porn from her novel, Sisters. Lesbians? Rape? Brothels? "Lies, baloney" she seethed through clenched teeth. If there'd been a gun handy, Wolf might be spending the weekend picking buckshot out of his face.

I can't wait for the right to defend Lynne Cheney's appearance on CNN. Every quality that Republicans demonized in Hillary will be lionized in Lynne. Witchy? Bitchy? Don't be ridiculous -- she's displaying righteous indignation. Rage? Hysteria? Oh, no, that's standing your ground. And hey, she was set up: the booker said she'd be talking about her children's book…

Marty Kaplan,

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