Friday, September 14, 2007

Cat Fight! Cat Fight!

Kombiz at DailyKos wonders where the Republicans, who were so eager to call out Democrats for the MoveOn ad, are after Boehner’s bone-headed remarks about the “small price” he’s willing to pay for “success” in Iraq.

John McCain has already called on Boehner to retract his remarks, but not apologize. Will Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani rebuke House Republican Leader John Boehner’s hurtful remarks?

And while we’re at it, let’s put EVERY SINGLE member of Congress on the record. Will they condemn this disgraceful talking point that minimizes the sacrifice of those risking their lives in pursuit of a failed policy?

Joe Sudbay (DC), The media and the GOPers, who were apoplectic last year over Kerry's "botched joke," have been largely silent about Boehner's boner. Hell, if this was a Democrat, the Republicans would be asking for a resolution in the House condemning it. Boehner's office offered a half-assed response, calculating that this scandal will just blow over. As part of the upcoming debate on Iraq, Democrats should offer a resolution honoring the loss of life in this endless war - and reminding Boehner and his colleagues that our soldiers are making the ultimate sacrifice, which is the ultimate price, not a small price. There is a horrible toll being payed for staying the course in Iraq. And, it's not being paid by Boehner and his GOP colleagues who have enabled Bush's failed strategy.

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