Friday, September 28, 2007

White House (Kinda) Faults Rush Limbaugh Over "Phony Soldiers" Comment

Greg Sargent, TalkingPoints Memo: As we reported earlier today over at The Horse's Mouth, Democrats and others have been pressuring the White House press corps to ask White House flack Dana Perino if President Bush - who'd earlier condemned MoveOn - would repudiate Rush Limbaugh's assertion that troops who want to withdraw from Iraq are "phony soldiers."

At the press briefing a few moments ago, a reporter did ask Perino the question. In response, she faulted Rush for the remark. She claimed that while she hadn't personally heard the remarks (she said), the President doesn't agree with the underlying sentiment and wouldn't have used those words. Take a look:

Perino said: "The President believes that if you are serving in the military that you have the rights that every American has which is you're free to express yourself in any way that you want to. And there are some that oppose the war, and that's okay."

Pressed specifically about Rush's "phony soldiers" phrase, she added: "It's not what the President would have used, no."

Hardly the scathing condemnation that MoveOn earned at the hands of the President of course. But this is still noteworthy, particularly since Bush and top Republicans are guests on his show. Despite Perino's contention that she hadn't heard the comment, the practiced answer that followed suggests that the White House made an internal decision to criticize the comment.

LSB: The comment is - better late than never; not much, but better than nothing; delivered by the newest flunkie rather that the head spinmeister; etc. Let’s face it, Darth Cheney will be on Rush's show next week blaming the Dems for making more of this than necessary and stroking Rush like he is Darth's young, gay lover. Should the Dems demand a resolution similar to the one MoveOn ad received? What would be the point? Is there anyone with the balls on the left to draft that kind of resolution? I wonder. If someone actually did draft a resolution, would there be enough votes to pass it? I wonder. Would it ultimately solve anything? No. That drug-induced, limp-dicked blow hard will continue to make his asinine comments and the time wasted on this resolution could be better spent debating the war. The public has learned not to expect anything from this White House – we’re just waiting for Shrub to join Turdblossom on the front porch somewhere. This is the GOP legacy to this generation, so let them wallow in it. Sure, comeuppance would be great, but loyal FAUX News viewers won’t be swayed and they are they only ones with their minds still left buried in the sand on this story. Liberals need to keep our eye on the bigger picture and hold this Administration accountable for the atrocities they have created.

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