Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Daily Show: The Strife Aquatic

By Nicole Belle, Crooks and Liars: Jon Stewart and team (click the pic for the vid) look at all the ridiculous machinations that the Republican party– including presidential contender Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey– is going through to avoid answering a question that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. US. already know the answer to: Is waterboarding torture?

Whitehouse: …So is waterboarding constitutional?

Mukasey: I don’t know what’s involved in the technique. If waterboarding is torture, torture is not constitutional.

Stewart: You don’t know what’s involved in wa… how do you not know waterboarding is going to be the test?

LSB: Seems two of the Senate's bright lights dimmed yesterday when Schumer and Feinstein said they'd vote to approve Mukasey, or Gonzo II as the blogs will certainly dub him when he takes over the Justice Dept. [The Xsociate asked what the Senate confirmation should have asked: "If a member of our Armed Services, intelligence agencies or any American for that matter were ever subject to a procedure like waterboarding, would you consider the perpetrators to have committed war crimes?" Of course we would! The hypocrisyis once again apparent with the Bush crowd.] Yet again the Dems have bowed down to kiss the ass of a President with a 29% approval rating - because they are afraid of begin called weak on terror? Or maybe Schumer and Feinstein know something we don't know - that if Mukasey is not approved that Shrub will make a recess appointment that will be much worse. How sick is all of this? How proud would our founding fathers be of the political contortions and machinations going on in Washington, the subrogation of the Bill of Rights, the lack of checks and balances on the buffoon in the White House, and the damage done to America's reputation around the world? Is the system broke, or do we just need to replace some of the parts? This is not about Republicans or Democrats for me, but who is the best candidate that is going to represent what I think needs to be done. The two party system is gridlocked, so maybe we need a republic where coalitions of multiple parties are needed to pass legislation.

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