Saturday, November 03, 2007

Evangelicals call for ban on Harry Potter books

Tony Grew, PinkNews.Co.UK: America's largest conservative organisation has called for the banning of the Harry Potter books and films after author JK Rowling revealed that main character Albus Dumbledore was a gay wizard.

The Christian Coalition of America claims to have 2.5 millions supporters and describes its mission as "defending America's Godly heritage."

Its chairman, Roberta Combs, said she was disappointed that Rowling chose to out one of the most popular characters in children's literature.

42-year-old Ms Rowling, whose seven-series saga about the boy wizard has made her an estimated £545m, sent shockwaves round the world last week when she told an audience of fans in New York that the headmaster of wizarding school Hogwarts was gay.

"It's not a good example for our children, who really like the books and the movies. I think it encourages homosexuality," said Ms Combs. "I would never allow my own children or grandchildren to read the books or watch the movies, and other parents should do so too."

Other Christians groups have never been fans of the books, because they think they promote witchcraft.

Rowling's gay revelation has only added to their dislike of her works.

Gay equality organisation Stonewall, on the other hand, praised Rowling for outing Dumbledore.

"It's great that JK has said this," a spokesman said last week. "It shows that there's no limit to what gay and lesbian people can do, even being a wizard headmaster."

LSB: Much ado about nothing! So what if he was gay? Nothing was ever made of it in the books, and no one knew or suspected Dumbledore was gay until Mrs. Rowling made her statement. (I read all seven books the weekends after their release and never suspected.) A giant waste of time and effort on the part of this group.

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