Monday, November 05, 2007

What is Bush's plan to deal with oil at nearly $100/barrel?

John Aravosis (DC), From the Washington Post:

In the past 10 weeks, the price of crude oil has shot up $25 a barrel, closing at $95.93 in New York on Friday, near an all-time inflation-adjusted peak.
And more importantly, why have Americans been so willing to accept a doubling of gas prices since Bush has come to office? I suspect Americans have taken the gas price rise in stride, attributing it to yet another post-Sept-11 sacrifice. The only problem is that gas prices actually dropped after September 11. So, just like the budget deficit, that is in large part due to Bush's tax cuts and NOT September 11 and the war, the public has again been snookered. At some point, it all just becomes so depressing. Are we really this ignorant as a people?

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