Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dead parents better than gay ones says Romney

Tony Grew, PinkNews.Co.UK: A candidate for the Republican party nomination for President of the United States has said that he thinks a child would be better off with a dead parent rather than a gay one.

Mitt Romney, a former Governor of Massachusetts, was speaking at a college in rural Iowa. Asked what he would say to a gay couple wanting to get married, he pointed out his support for a change to the US Constitution to bar gay and lesbian Americans from marriage.

"I believe that maintaining the strength of the marriage relationship, the family relationship, is critical to the strength of an entire society," he said, according to Rocky Mountain News.

"And I believe that the development of children is enhanced by having a male and a female as part of their upbringing in their home.

"Even when there's a divorce, you still have a mom and a dad.

"And even where one member of the partnership may pass away, the memory and the characteristics of that gender, of that partner influence the development of a child.

"I'm in favour of promoting, as a society, the marriage of men and women and the development of children in that kind of setting."

Mr Romney is attempting to portray himself as more conservative than his Republican opponents on the issue of gay marriage.

LSBL: But instead he's protraying himself as an ignorant, homophobic douchebag.

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