Friday, July 11, 2008

Anti-Gay Alabama A.G. Caught Being Gay (Allegedly)

Wonkette: This may come as a shock, but a prominent anti-homosexual Republican attorney general has apparently been caught having homosexual sex intercourse with his homosexual gay male assistant. Bonus: The dude’s wife caught him, in their bed. This is the rumor that the AG’s office has officially denied, so now of course everybody is spilling the sordid details.
AG in question is Troy King, who, of course, is only interested in outlawing homosexuality and sex toys. His gay lover is either a college “buddy,” or a very young youngster and “Homecoming King” from Troy University. What are the odds of a dude named Troy King getting caught in bed with a Homecoming King from Troy University? This seems like a wacky sitcom plot, on a gay porn channel. (Is this what that Will & Grace was about?)
Some of the comments left at Wonkette:
  • wonderfulwonderful: No way. This is unprecedented.
  • Casse-toi pauvre con: Wait? A bed!? Not a truck stop or a bathroom stall? What a conservative.
  • Eyegoneblack: Remember when things like this came as a shock? Yeah, me neither.
  • Doglessliberal: When does something move beyond cliché into guarantee? He is 1) against homosexual gay sex, 2) Republican, and 3) married; thus he is 4) gay, 5) will be caught at it, and 6) he will repent and ask God to make him a non-homosexual gay man and everything will be fine.

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