Sunday, July 13, 2008

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) goes blank trying to find differences between McCain and Bush’s economic policies.

John Amato, Crooks and Liars: Obama ran an ad calling McCain—McSame in the economy. Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina went blank trying to think up any differences between John McCain and George Bush’s economic policies when Blitzer asked him to name some. After stammering for a minute, he brought up NAFTA? Say, what? Blitzer then said they had no differences on NAFTA. Oh, and then Sanford mentioned McSame’s opposition to earmarks. That’s sure going to cut your gas prices. (Click the pic for the vid.)
Blitzer: Are there any significant economic differences between what the Bush administration has put forward over these many years as opposed to John McCain’s support?
Sanford: Yea, I mean for instance take, you know, ummm, ahhh, take for instance the issue of, ahhhh... (knocks on table) I’m drawing a blank. I hate it when I do that, particularly on TV. Take for instance the contrast between NAFTA. I mean, I think the bigger issue is credibility in where one is coming from. I mean, to that position are they consistent where they come from? John McCain has consistently stood against earmarks throughout his tenure in the US Senate. Regrettably, the President has not been exactly busy with the veto pen.
Blitzer: Let me get back to, you raised the issue of NAFTA. He’s a huge supporter of free trade John McCain. The Bush administration supports free trade. I don’t see a big difference between the two.
Sanford: No, I was going to go to a point, I was going to go to a point which is what you’d want is consistency with regards to that position.
Blitzer: that’s a major difference between Obama and the President, but as far as NAFTA is concerned McCain and Bush are on the same page.
Sanford: They are—for free trade.
What an embarrassment. Sanford started out by saying McCain was against the Bush/NAFTA position and then said they were the same. Thanks for justifying Obama’s new ad. Sanford couldn’t think of any because there really aren’t any. He just Gramm’d himself…
LSB: So sorry, Gov. Sanford, but your try-out for McCain's VP is now over - and you're out!

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