Sunday, July 20, 2008

McCain’s crude Gorilla joke: 'It’s McCain Being Authentic'

Olbermann repeats McCain’s Gorilla/Rape joke. McCain’s camp says that he’s just being himself.
“This kind of stuff is an example of McCain being McCain.”
Blogger Comments:
  • If it were Obama telling such a joke back in 1986 (when he was in college and not a sitting member of the House of Representatives) he would be crucified.
  • Bottom line: yes, it was simply a crude joke… but it was also not funny in the least (when is RAPE ever funny?). Let’s not forget about McCain calling his WIFE a C-NT. And also made a joke about Janet Reno being Chelsea Clinton’s father. This man is a total mysogynist. You’ve got to wonder what he really says behind closed doors about Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and any other woman in a leadership role.
  • You would think that almost 8 years being embarrassed by Bush should be enough .
  • Gee, if Obama told this “joke,” do you think it would get a little bit of coverage? Maybe on O’Reilly, Fox and Friends, etc?
  • Whenever this sick old fuck gets cornered with something awful he’s said, he breaks out his best Ronald Reagan with the “I don’t recall” bullshit or he tells us to “move on”. And how many weeks did we spend on Obama’s “bitter” comments? This mean, stupid old fool is truly a worthless candidate.

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