Sunday, July 13, 2008

Packers GM, Coach Say No To Brett Favre's Release Request

Chris Jenkins, The Packers aren't about to let Brett Favre become a free agent. And while he's now free to return to Green Bay for another season, there's no guarantee he'll be the Packers' starting quarterback if he does.
In an interview with The Associated Press Saturday, Packers general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy said they don't plan to grant Favre the release he is seeking from his contract and are committed to Aaron Rodgers as their starter. ...
Favre, who led the Packers to a Super Bowl title after the 1996 season, held a tearful news conference to announce his retirement March 6. Favre has made high drama out of his waffling over retirement in the past several offseasons, but it seemed to be for real this time.
... if Favre wanted to play for the Packers, he had the chance when he told them a few weeks after his tearful goodbye news conference that he was having second thoughts. With Thompson and McCarthy preparing to board a private plane to fly to Mississippi and seal the deal on a comeback, all Favre had to do was say yes.
He didn't. (more)
LSB: I don't follow sports that closely and rarely post on a sports story, but I read this and thought, 'Good for them!' During those years since the '96 Superbowl win when they might have looked elsewhere for a winning QB, the franchise stuck with Favre. When he announced his retirement, the franchise was still willing to stick with him for another season - despite his "advancing years." Now, as summer camps are starting and Favre feels the yearn and Green Bay has made plans to move forward, he's changed his mind and wants to be let out of his contract. After all the franchise has done for him, Favre was willing to toss their loyalty to him for another chance to grab the gold ring. It's time team owners are making their players stick to their contracts and show their over-priced talent that they can't do anything they want, whenever they want. Favre has had his time. Time to move along.

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