Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is McCain campaign illegally coordinating media strategy with outside groups?

Joe Sudbay (DC), AmericaBlog.com: It's illegal for federal campaigns to coordinate with outside groups. Looks like we're dealing with more illegality from the McCain campaign:
Politico has a story up showing the clearest indication yet that the McCain campaign is illegally coordinating television advertising with an outside group. The short-story is this: on July 2, the McCain campaign placed $1.5 million in advertising in the Virginia area. The next day -- July 3 -- the McCain campaign canceled that media buy. On the very same day -- July 3 -- the outside group made a large media buy in the same region, filling the gap created by the McCain campaign's cancellation.
What a coincidence...or not. Watch this video of McCain and his lap dog, Lindsey Graham, parrot the talking points of the same outside group, Vets for Freedom.

Yeah, that was McCain calling Vets for Freedom "a wonderful organization." Lap dog Lindsey and Joe Lieberman were leaders of that group, too. But, there's no coordination....sure.
Hey, McCain's already broken the campaign finance laws. Why stop there?

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