Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gays in a Cage

Michael Patrick King: What? Does the voting public of this great state of California, who correctly voted to pass Proposition 2 -- which legislated to give caged chickens more room in their cages -- have to actually see the cage that gay people have been put in all theses years to get it? Does it take actual physical evidence of the cage to understand the cruelty of being called "not equal" by Proposition 8? If being in a cage will do the trick -- if that will be the image that our fellow citizens need to see on their television screens to move them to action -- then we will do it. I will call some of my brilliant, gay, Californian, tax-paying citizen designer friends and ask them to design and build a giant cage. Then, I will ask some of my politically savvy, gay, Californian, tax-paying citizen fundraising friends to raise the money. Then, they will call the always charitable, gay, Californian, tax-paying citizen friends who support any worthwhile humanitarian cause in this state and country. Then, I will call 100 to 200 of my successful, tax-paying, Californian gay brothers and sisters to take time off from their jobs as doctors and lawyers and accountants and writers and waiters and nurses and -- I should stop there -- because the list of careers and jobs performed every day by gay citizens to keep California running would go on forever. So -- if that's what it takes -- I'm sure we would all agree to take time off from our busy lives to meet at the Pacific Design Center and cram ourselves into that giant cage. We will poke our heads out of the barbwire. We will stay there in front of the TV cameras until this image makes it clear that it is unnatural and quite frankly cruel to do anything like that to animals or your fellow citizens. We will do it -- if that's what it takes -- because leading our lives with dignity and privacy as vital tax-paying members of society doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

Proposition 2 -- Yes: 63.2 % ... No: 36.8 %

Proposition 8 -- Yes: 52.5 % ... No: 47.5%

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