Sunday, November 16, 2008

Over 120 Protesters Set Denton, TX Record

The Advocate: Congratulations to the protest in Denton - it was one of the biggest Denton has ever seen! (Photo from John McClelland)
LSB: From Wikipedia - "The July 2007 United States Census Bureau estimate gave Denton's population as 115,506... Denton is home to two state universities, the University of North Texas, the largest university in North Texas and the third largest in Texas, and Texas Woman's University, the largest state-supported university for women in the United States." So if there are 115,000+ people living in Denton, and if (conservatively) 1% of the population (1,150) is gay, then only about 1% (115) of the gay population in Denton turned out for the protest. From the additional pictures shown on The Advocate webpage, there were a lot of kids and PFLGers there so it wasn't even 1% of the gay population at the rally. I realize that this IS Texas, afterall, but it is kind of sad that more of us weren't at rallies supporting this basic civil right. Texas ain't gonna change, friends, until more of us get out there and demand our rights!

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