Saturday, November 08, 2008

Reid Spokesperson: Democratic Senators May Vote On Lieberman's Fate In Full Caucus Meeting

Greg Sargent, TPM Central: Senator Harry Reid's office has just confirmed to me, on the record, that Reid is considering a new step: Asking all the Democratic Senators to vote on Lieberman's fate at their upcoming full caucus meeting if Reid and Lieberman are unable to agree on a way for Lieberman to relinquish his plum chairmanship of the Homeland Security committee.
"If Senator Reid and Lieberman don't reach an agreement, his future chairmanship may be put to a vote by the caucus as a whole on November 18th," Reid spokesperson Jim Manley told me, in response to my questions about the next step being mulled by Reid.
Manley's assertion represents the first public acknowledgment that this possibility is being seriously considered, and is a significant ratcheting up of pressure on Lieberman by Reid's office.
Manley said it was unclear as yet how precisely the mechanics of such a move would work, but left no doubt that it was likely to happen if Lieberman and Reid didn't resolve their impasse before the next caucus meeting.
The move would in effect put Lieberman's fate in the hands of his Dem colleagues. Top liberal bloggers -- among them John Aravosis, Josh Orton and Steve Benen -- are already mounting a pressure campaign, calling on their readers to contact Senators and get them to pledge to vote against Lieberman keeping his committee slot.
Others are urging readers to sign a petition calling on Reid to give Lieberman the push.
Late Update: Jane Hamsher also has a petition that readers can sign to press for Lieberman's ouster.
John Aravosis, Any Democrat who supports this traitor will be held personally responsible when Lieberman launches his full committee witch hunts against the Obama administration. Do Democrats need any more evidence as to what kind of a weasel this guy is? Let Lieberman join the Republicans, then let him vote against everything he's always stood for. Not. Going. To. Happen. Not to mention, let the Republicans deal with Lieberman when he screws them too and refuses to vote the way they want.

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