Friday, November 24, 2006

Bush is at Camp David tonight? Hmm... methinks someone is trying to look presidential

FOX News is on (don't ask), and I just heard that Dear Leader is spending the night at Camp David. Camp David? I think Mr. 31% is trying awfully hard to look presidential, now that nobody likes him anymore. He never stays at Camp David. That isn't his thing. The fact that he's doing it tonight, on a major holiday, when he almost never does, suggests to me that the Bush spin-folk are trying to paint him as a "real" president by tapping into the public memory of Camp David as a place of history. They're trying to save his presidency, make him "relevant" again. But rather than do it with substance, because the man has no substance, they're doing it with symbolism.He's so pathetic.

John in DC, AmericaBlog

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