Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Denise Brown Says News Corp. Offered ‘Hush Money’ To Keep Quiet About O.J. Interview

Right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch has portrayed his decision to cancel the O.J. Simpson book and interview as a principled stand, calling it an “ill-considered project.” But new details seriously undermine that claim.

An executive from Murdoch’s News Corporation told the New York Times that the rights to the Simpson’s book “could still be sold to another publisher,” meaning that Murdoch would still profit from the project. And this morning on NBC’s Today Show, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister Denise accused News Corp. of trying to buy her family’s silence for “millions of dollars.” Video.

They wanted to offer us millions of dollars. Millions of dollars for, like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ money. But they were still going to air the show. … We just thought, ‘oh my god.’ What they’re trying to do is trying to keep us quiet, trying to make this like hush money, trying to go around the civil verdict, giving us this money to keep our mouths shut.
AP reports that spokesman for News Corp. “confirmed that the company had conversations with representatives of Nicole Brown Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s families over the past week and that the families were offered all profits from the planned Simpson book and television show, but he denied that it was hush money.”

Reader Comment: Fox cancelled it because it attracted no advertisers, which meant Nielson wouldn’t even include it in the ratings. Now Fox wants to act like they are doing the principled thing, even though anyone with a shred of principles would have never imagined doing such a thing in the first place. This was a business decision that backfired and now they want credit for cancelling the show.

LSB: That Rupert Murdoch and his Fox New family – what a class act (NOT!)

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