Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sullivan: Even Lower

Here's a flyer being distributed by the New York State Republican party:

The Democrats, in other words, want to let a darker-skinned man rape your white wife. You know what? I just found out nothing about Democratic values. But I learned a hell of a lot more about Republican ones.

LSB: I missed the whole “darker-skinned-man-rape-your-white-wife” angle. Of course, once it is pointed out the message is clear. Since I don’t generally think in those terms, I guess they should have used a darker hand (but then that might have been a little too obvious and wouldn’t allow plausible deniability). No, what struck me most was the complete irony of the picture. Was it saying:

  1. Family Values Are Under Attack: Shut Up and We’ll Take Care of It – Trust Us
  2. Family Values Are Under Attack: We Took Some of Your Civil Liberties and We’re Not Adverse to Taking Your Right to Dissent/Free Speech Either
  3. Family Values Are Under Attack: Roberts, Alito, Scalia & Thomas Will Keep You in Your Place, Bitch
  4. Family Values Are Under Attack: I’m Not a Gay Republican and I’ll Prove It!

Yep, if Democrats gain control of Congress then Republican values will be destroyed. Vote Dem!

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