Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mmm, Mmm, Gay

Joe.My.God.: Here we go again. The Campbell Soup Company booked an ad in The Advocate depicting a two-mom family and right on cue, the American Family Association crawled out their sewer.
"Not only did the ads cost Campbell's a chunk of money," writes AFA Chairman Donald Wildmon in an email alert, "but they also sent a message that homosexual parents constitute a family and are worthy of support." Wildmon is seeking people who will contact the soup company and ask Campbell's to "stop supporting the gay agenda." According to the Campbell's Soup website, the company's businesses strive to avoid advertising that disparages any religious, ethnic or political group or that "implies that Campbell supports specific points of view." For Wildmon, however, spending advertising dollars in a magazine called "The Advocate" and promoting a lesbian couple and their son with the line "no matter the structure of your family" clearly indicates the company's support of redefining traditional family norms to fit a "specific point of view." "Campbell Soup Company," writes Wildmon, "has openly begun helping homosexual activists push their agenda."
However, the Advocate is reporting that Campbell is shrugging off the AFA protest.
Campbell rep Anthony Sanzio said the company stands behind the ads. "Our position on this is pretty straightforward. Inclusion and diversity play an important role in our business, and that fact is reflected in our marketing plan," he said. "For more than a century people from all walks for life have enjoyed Campbell's products, and we will continue to try to communicate in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them." Sanzio said plans for the Swanson brand include further placements in The Advocate.
Click over to the Advocate story for links to thank Campbell for not bowing to the haters.

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