Thursday, January 17, 2008

Because the Middle East needs more weapons lying around

A.J. Rossmiller, The inconsistency and hypocrisy of US policy in the Middle East continues to abound and astound.

To thank the Saudis for supporting the latest, feeble U.S. peace efforts in the Middle East, Bush is promising them 20 billion dollars in sophisticated weapons -- including 121 million dollars worth of precision guided bombs.

Bush gives a speech criticizing Iran for a lack of democracy and the audience is . . . Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He slams Iran for wanting weapons . . . and then sells $20 BILLION worth to the Kingdom. The article does a fantastic job of explaining the contradictions of our policy, as well as some of the results of the current sky-high oil prices; it's well worth a read. The whole thing makes me want to, well, you know.

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