Friday, January 18, 2008

Muslim athlete disqualified over uniform

John Aravosis, Wow. Fascinating issue. So which is it? Violation of religious freedom? Or kid cheating at track? And while the religious right will get upset about this (they hate Muslims, well they hate Catholics too, but that's for another day), all this girl is doing is what the religious right has so dutifully taught her. Call everything you do a religious choice and no one can touch you. The religious right tries to justify firing gay people from their jobs because an employer's bigotry is their "religious freedom" (apparently the Bible says something about firing otherwise qualified gay people from their jobs). Having said all of that, in this case, I think the kid has a point - read the article, it sounds like they're kind of intent on giving her a hard time.

LSB: So much for religious tolerance. Apparently religious choice only applies if you're an Evangelical. I hardly recognize my country these days, at least the one where I grew up and was taught tolerance.

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