Saturday, January 05, 2008

Federal Reserve injects even more cash into banks

Chris in Paris, While Bush says everything is fine with the economy, the Fed has increased its future cash injections by 50% so that banks can maintain proper liquidity. Ignore the high fuel prices, forget about the housing crash, don't even think about the employment numbers and for heavens sake, pretend as though we do not have a credit crisis in America. All done? Great. Now you too can be just like George Bush. Not a problem in the world. Heck, with this great strategy of ignoring the facts on the ground, it's no wonder he's once again talking about tax cuts.

Taking action to help the economy (which Bush says is solid) makes perfect sense. If ever there was a moment to take the keys away from Bush it's now. For him to stand up and say the "economy is on a solid foundation" should be all we need to hear from him. The Democrats - especially the presidential candidates - are going to have to step up and provide their own plan. Leaving these decisions up to the idiot who created them would be painfully foolish. Do the Democrats have it in them to take on this challenge?

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